All the Degen Apes

I guess... Welcome to the Degeniverse

The Degen DAOO is the community-run body of popular Solana NFT projects Degenerate Ape Academy (“DAA”) and its follow-up NFT project Degenerate Trash Pandas (“DTP”). An organization by apes for apes.

What exactly is... The Degeniverse?

The Degenerate Ape Academy NFT project launched on 14th August 2021 and was the first major project that brought focus and attention on Solana as a viable blockchain for NFTs. This was followed up with the launch of the Degenerate Trash Panda project a few months later.

Next steps... How do I ape in?

The Degen DAOO was formed to enable the passionate and talented Degen community to pool resources and execute initiatives to develop the Degeniverse brand & support the Solana ecosystem.


Purchase your Degen Ape or Panda

You will need Solana, a Solana wallet and then to read this step by step guide to help you on your way


Join the community Discord

Once you own your DAA/DTP -- you’ll be able to #enroll in our Discord

What do you actually do here... A few of our accomplishments

We may not be the brightest glue sipping mammals... but we do know a thing or two about delivering

Vibrant Community

Built a vibrant 3.8k+ active member base and set up a safe space for its community members to hang, learn and grow together

Top 100 Validator: DICS

Set up a validator on the Solana network supporting the operation & improving decentralization, with more than 545k SOL

NFT Giveaways

Given away hundreds of community NFTs to its Degen Ape holders including this list of awesome projects....

Degen DAOO merchandise

Delivered high quality merch for all our members to enjoy and rep out in the real world. You know... outside

Marketing Efforts

The incredible HK faction successfully marketed the Degeniverse for all to see in the busiest street in HK.

Whitelist Access

Having exclusive access to the hottest projects on Solana creates massive value for holders. WL's for days in #mintsqaud

The Student Council

Our fearless leaders... let's sure hope they know what they're doing...

  • 8-18.sol 8-18.sol
  • Cowb0i Cowb0i
  • Mawcel Mawcel
  • Degencierge Degencierge
  • Wombat Wombat
  • DaKlek DaKlek
  • Samurai Pizza Ape Samurai Pizza Ape