Buying a Degenerate Ape or Degen Trash Panda

There are 4 Simple steps to purchasing Solana NFT's if you are brand new to crypto.

You will be setting up a place to buy Solana (Step 1) and a safe place to put your Solana (Step 2). 

Step 1: Buy some Solana on an exchange - this is easy to do!

  • Open an account with Coinbase, FTX or Binance. These are exchanges where you can buy Solana (SOL) which is the base currency of the blockchain

  • Search for Solana and "Buy with Cash" (Just like transferring money from one bank to another bank, very easy)

  • When you are done, you will have a balance of Solana

Step 2: Download & set up your wallet (“Phantom”) 

  • The Phantom wallet is a web-browser plugin 

  • Download the Phantom wallet extension in Chrome / Brave / Firefox and install it. Like Metamask for Eth, this is a browser plugin wallet than enables you to interact with smart contracts on the Solana blockchain

  • Once installed, click the phantom icon in the top right and select "Create a new wallet" and use a strong password

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  It will ask you to write down a "seed phrase". A seed phrase is a key to your wallet that should never be shared. Write it down and keep it safe and NEVER lose it. If anybody gains access to this seed phrase, they will take control of your wallet

  • When you finish this, you will have an empty wallet. Now we will need to transfer your Solana over

Step 3: Transfer SOL from the exchange to your Solana Phantom wallet

  • Your Phantom wallet has an address at the top you can copy (think of it as your bank account number that you tell people to send money to)

  • Once you’ve copied your address go to your exchange (Coinbase / FTX / Binance) and click “Transfer your Solana” to another wallet

  • Paste your Phantom address here and send the amount of SOL you’d like

  • At present Degen Ape Academy apes start at 30 SOL and Degen Trash Pandas start at 2 SOL for the most affordable NFTa

Step 4: Now head to a Solana auction site & buy an Ape or Trash Panda

Last Step: Join the community!

  • Download & install Discord, the community management app where we reside

  • Join the Degen DAOO server using this link, then follow the verify instructions in the “#enroll-ape-panda” channel