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I’m the proud owner of the “unofficial off-chain Meme Lord 1:1 ape”

From the Ape's mouth Why I want to be on the Student Council

My plan is to ask Toasi about Elder reveal pretty much everyday And also make sure you have a good time being part of the community

A few questions we have What do you think about....

What do you love most about the Degeniverse?
What skillset or experience do you have that sets you apart from other candidates, and how do you plan to utilize it for the benefit of the community?
I can edit ape head on anything faster than anybody else, and peoples seem to like it
What would a successful 120 day term look like to you, i.e. what do you hope the council will be able to accomplish?
If we can keep you all crayons eaters together and somehow happy, then it will be a success, I guess… maybe… probably… Oh and ofc harass Toasi enough about the elders until they reveal them.