Wombat pfp

Wombat Current Student Council

Hey, my name is Wombat I have served on the council for the past 120 days. I am 14 years old and I attend an academy for legal studies. I am creative person as well as a part of the 1/1 art community. I own a Degenerate Ape and an Xalt Trash Panda.

From the Ape's mouth Why I want to be on the Student Council

I would like to continue to host spaces for the community and keep preserving our history. I am also interested in creating more opportunities for holders to interact as well as making quality of life changes to the Degen Daoo.

A few questions we have What do you think about....

What do you love most about the Degeniverse?

The history is definitely my favorite part In my past term I created the "Hall of degeneracy" which is a channel in our discord that highlights the key points in our history, When researching for this I learned a lot about the culture and impact we have made in the Web3 space.

What skillset or experience do you have that sets you apart from other candidates, and how do you plan to utilize it for the benefit of the community?

I have experience working as a council member and I have the ability to speak well publicly and represent our community in a positive way.

What would a successful 120 day term look like to you, i.e. what do you hope the council will be able to accomplish?

My hope is to continue the success of the last council and to create new opportunities for holders. I measure success based on how the community feels, therefore the goal is for the community to be beyond satisfied with the councils performance.