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From degenerate gambling to being a Degen Ape, DAA has been my home since mint and I will continue to support this project to the moon or to zero.

From the Ape's mouth Why I want to be on the Student Council

DAA has brought a variety of people together- from full time degenerates to polished smooth brains. Watching people display their abilities, or lack there of, has been the best part of DAA. I plan to continue to push that narrative by incentivizing creativity through DAOO funds and other rewards. This community has seen a vast amount of talented people who donate their time. I believe we are in a place now where it should be rewarded.

A few questions we have What do you think about....

What do you love most about the Degeniverse?
The community, hands down. The connections and experiences made here will last a lifetime, and can be forgotten after one night in The Outhouse. The art speaks for itself.
What skillset or experience do you have that sets you apart from other candidates, and how do you plan to utilize it for the benefit of the community?
Well, my brain is smooth AF and I plan on using it to implement fun and rewarding activities to contributing DAOO members.
What would a successful 120 day term look like to you, i.e. what do you hope the council will be able to accomplish?
After 120 days I would like to see members break out of their mother's basements. Let's pursue making this DAOO not only a place where people go when they're taking a dump, or telling Toasi to F*ck Off, but a place of rewarded initiative. Whether it's onboarding new members, creating community art, building partnerships, launching DAOO proposals or getting more contributing members- it needs to be our goal to strengthen what has already been started. This is my Ted Talk Go F*ck Ya Self