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I am a NFT trader/collector, an old-school hippie/degen and a serial entrepreneur. I believe in limitless possibilities and potential for everyone and everything. I see the best in people first (but when someone shows me their true character...I believe them.)

From the Ape's mouth Why I want to be on the Student Council

I've been in web2 "decentralization" for centralized companies for close to 30 years. I am a start-up strategist and have launched and stood up several successful businesses from global ecommerce solutions, to affiliate marketing projects with millions of reps world wide and even a vapor manufacturing company selling eliquid both wholesale and retail.

I have experienced mega-growth and success in the hundreds of millions per year range - I have also fallen flat on my face in epic failure (and paid huge prices.) I know a great deal about what not to do in this space - which is in some ways I believe is more valuable than everything I know what & how to do. The wild west of the blockchain is a dangerous place for a lot of us. I'm acutely aware of how critical it is to navigate these waters...carefully.

I would like to empower the DAOO and it's members by creating multiple income-streams into the DAOO. To do so, we must get the DAOO operating in a productive way so that it can function as a successful and thriving business. I would like to support the creation of the bylaws, plans, structure and systems necessary for the DAOO to function professionally w/ a properly funded DAOO wallet and bi/(multi)-directional communications pipeline. We need an Org Chart, so that all parties can function and meet the DAOO goals and objectives and so that it's members know who to go to for what.

I wrote an outline with some of my ideas - i'm just going to paste it here for now. I will edit soon (but I am currently at the birth of my grand daughter through the 28th and this is the best I can offer for the moment).

  1. To define the Mission, Vision & Purpose of the Degeniverse and it’s DAOO

  2. To put a comprehensive marketing plan & stand up strategy into place by employing: critical core principles defined in the vision/mission/purpose statements

  3. To define and outline the roles and responsibilities of the student council. Using best business practices, create an org chart and communications hierarchy with submissions/flow & decision-making documentation so the members (and council) know wtf is going on and how to get things done.

  4. Create professional sales & marketing documentation

    • Develop an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

  5. Create Value-Adds for our holders

    • Tools

    • On-chain voting

    • Member meetings w/ Shared Google docs & whiteboarding for popcorning ideas

    • Organize Teams & Discord Channels for initiatives so people can participate and feel useful

    • Group Discounts (Buyers) Program

    • AMAs

    • Professional Speakers

    • Leadership Development

    • Entrepreneurial Incubators

    • Licensing Opportunities, ways (& opportunities) to use your NFTs for income streams

    • Community Building/Team Building Events

  6. Communications

    • Daily/Weekly Updates

  7. Alpha

    • Get/Hire a BEAST Alpha Caller

    • Weekly Alpha Group Meetings

    • Alpha Newsletter for holders

      • $5/month for non-holders (income for the DAOO)

  8. Resources for minters - Have entire channels dedicated to:

    • Mint/floor evaluations and other tools

    • Product reviews channel (or dapp/site)

    • Reports

    • Pump notifications

    • Token notifications

  9. Incentives for ACTIVE & ENGAGED holders that do / use certain things:

    • Points for Buying/Selling on Rarible

    • 1/3/5 pts/day for listing on Rarible

    • Affiliate programs

      • Points for new member referrals & other TBD engagement

      • Community Member 1 pt

      • Referral who buys Ape X pts (on/off rarible weighted differently - or only rarible)

      • Referral who buys Egg X pts

      • Referral who buys Panda X pts

IMO these points should be equal to how much a newly referred member spends - and not weighted based on which collection they choose.This is about making the DAOO & Degeniverse making money, our asset values increasing and members earning rewards based on the revenue they drive. NOT about apes v eggs v pandas.

Example - X pts earns you:

  • Store Credit

  • Rarible Credit

  • MonoBucks/PitPennies (TBD) that can be earned toward that special #ForeverApe or #ForeverPanda that members have been saving up for.

(to be continued & edited along the way...bear with me fam)and please note - there is a TON listed above - i want to know what everyone else thinks. i want to popcorn ideas and get all of our active members plugging in. we have members who have job board ideas - i LOVE that...i just want us all in the mix and for us to create win/win opportunities for the team and the DAOO to work together.

A few questions we have What do you think about....

What do you love most about the Degeniverse?

I love the family and the community most. The art is awesome and it attracted me first of course - but the community is why I stayed. It is the only community on the block chain I actively participate in on a relatively full time basis.

I knew I wanted an Ape from the first moment I saw them on the Solana block chain. The art said "edgy, bad asses w/ street smarts and power" and that is why I went looking around and found the pandas. I minted my first panda that day and I have loved the Degens ever since.

I am also in love with the Pandas and believe Pit will revolutionize the space again...and again.

I hate the division that is currently in the family and DON'T WANT MOM & DAD TO GET A DIVORCE.

What skillset or experience do you have that sets you apart from other candidates, and how do you plan to utilize it for the benefit of the community?

25 years+ experience:

  • Serial Entrepreneur

  • Start-Up Strategist

  • Team Development & Leadership

  • Professional Speaker

  • Software Architect

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications Expert

  • Brand Creation & Development

  • Product Development

  • Website Design & Development

  • Graphics Design

  • Support

  • Writer / Editor

  • Networking Professional

What would a successful 120 day term look like to you, i.e. what do you hope the council will be able to accomplish?

~ To establish the mission, vision & purpose of the DAOO.
~ To create true organization, communications & flow within the DAOO.
~ To create solid operational capitol for the DAOO w/ 1 - 3 additional income stream(s).

There is a LOT to do - and 120 days is a very short period of time - so it will depend largely on the rest of the council members skill sets and their collaborative vision. It will take a village (with beastie skillsets) to pull it all off and we all have to be willing to roll up our sleeves and do it TOGETHER.