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You may know me as Degen Emperor, Emp, or The Degen Tailor, but at the end of the day, I’m just another guy who’s loved this brand since mint. My goal is to use my unique skill set to take the DAOO and the Degeniverse to the next level.... Let the Emperor's Army fight for you.

From the Ape's mouth Why I want to be on the Student Council

Let me tell you why I’m here and running for this council spot. First, I love The Degeniverse with all my heart; I love it so much that I liquidated 98 percent of my bags a couple of months ago and went full send on all things Degen (pandas, eggs, and apes). Why? Because I believe in what we have, I wanted to focus my time on promoting and bettering the brand I love. It was hard for me to do that with 15-20 discords running rampant and trying to be active and impactful. Since then, I have focused all my free time trying to give back to the community and better the brand with fun art, weekly Spaces (Detention), engagement on Twitter, and providing help or advice to newcomers across the Degeniverse.

I see so much potential in the Degeniverse. So many people give a shit and want this to be successful. We are on the brink of something great, and all we need is to come together as a team, listen to our community, and position ourselves for growth. I want to use my marketing and partnership skills to build custom initiatives and aid in partnership discussions to raise funds for the DAOO and focus the public eye on DLI. This may not be feasible in 120 days, but I will try my best to make it happen.

We can sit up here and talk all day about who we are and what we want to do, but how many of us are actually representing the brand day in and day out. Since mint, I have represented this brand with all my heart and will continue to do so regardless of the outcome of this election. We need to vote for people that show they care as much as they say they care.

Now, let’s get down to business…

A few questions we have What do you think about....

What do you love most about the Degeniverse?

There are two things that not only brought me to the Degeniverse but have kept me here.

  1. Mono's art was my first taste of NFTs. The art spoke to me as soon as I saw it. I have been rocking a DAA or DTP since August because I think they are the ultimate PFP project in Solana. The ceiling on this art is nonexistent..the sky is the limit for the Degeniverse

  2. The community is one of the best I've been in. While we sometimes bicker like school girls, this is one of the most caring and selfless groups I've been around. The way they rally around you when you need help is second to none. The friends I've made here will be in my life for a long time

What skillset or experience do you have that sets you apart from other candidates, and how do you plan to utilize it for the benefit of the community?

I work in the Marketing industry. I’ve worked in experiential marketing, digital marketing, sports marketing, and advertising for the past six years. I also have corporate partnership experience with multiple sports teams (Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Hawks, and a few more). All this to say, marketing and strategy are my specialties.

Regarding partnerships, I’d love to work with the team on these in-progress deals to try and expedite these collaborations and be a spokesman for the Degeniverse IRL. I’m hoping to use these skills to not only raise funds for the DAOO but to raise awareness in the public eye.

From a marketing perspective, creating custom marketing initiatives (collaborating with the community) to increase unique holders, promote the brand cross-chain, create a welcoming environment for new holders, and build the brand image.

From a creative side, I love to create content. I’m not a photoshop master, but I really enjoy creating custom apes, banners, clothes, etc. There may be an opportunity to work closely with other team members on and off the council to bring engaging content to the masses.

What would a successful 120 day term look like to you, i.e. what do you hope the council will be able to accomplish?

Since mint, we have learned so much about who the team is and who we are as a project/community. We've seen what works and what needs fixing. This is why this council is the most important one we will have for a while. This first council will put into place the structure needed to move forward in a positive direction as a project/brand/community.

That said, I think creating a more concrete structure will be the first element that needs to be addressed. That will build the foundation for all decision-making and community voting/input. The next item will be communication. Creating more opportunities to grow the brand within Solana and outside Solana will be vital to growing the brand and the holder base. This can be done by having more effective communication from all levels.

All in all, these are significant issues that everyone can see. I hope my expertise can help relieve some of these pain points and make each holder proud to be a member of the Degeniverse.